What Will My Girls Think?


Today I was waiting in line at the grocery store with my two Daughters. Nestled in between National Enquirer and Cosmopolitan was Women’s Health. I scanned the cover without thinking. Then I read the magazine’s tagline – It’s Good to Be You™

The story callouts look like they came from a handbook on anorexia. Healthy, Sexy Breasts: 9 Easy Steps. 75 Hot Body Moves. Flatten Your Belly. Firm Your Butt. Sculpt Your Legs. Tone Your Arms. Eat, Drink & Still Shrink. More Sex, Better Sex. Is this is a magazine about Women’s Health? Is it about “being yourself”?

I joked about it with Savannah and Courtney while we were waiting in line. The woman behind us overheard us talking. She didn’t say a word. She gave me a nod of approval.

What do you tell your daughters?