The Weight


I started riding again last month. It feels great to get back on the bike after taking a nine-month sabbatical. I’m slowly getting back in shape. Today I went on the SLO Friday Noon ride with about a dozen other riders. I didn’t contest the sprint into the SLO City Limit Sign or the Turri Road Hill Climb. I did take some hard pulls in the front of the paceline. It felt pretty good out there today.

I lost eighteen pounds in five days when Janet passed. I went from 150 to 132. I didn’t have much fat to begin with. Some of that loss ended up being muscle mass. I’ve gained some of it back and I’m now at 136lbs.

It feels like I’m riding with a new body. I can climb almost as well when I was in shape. Last week I rode up the Cuesta Grade. It rises about 1,200’ in three miles. I used to climb it in a 39x21t. That day I managed to ride “tempo”, spinning a 39x23t while seated the whole way. The 39x21t will happen soon.

Elite endurance athletes perform at their best when they are lean. I weighed 135lbs when I raced competitively in my twenties. I’ve been reminded of the importance of power/weight ratio. Losing weight is probably the best performance-enhancer you can get.

Life has gotten simpler for me this past year. Flow is coming back into my family. I’ve lost more than weight. The negative energy that was on me has been lifted.