The Jared Tyler Cunningham Memorial Award


Jared was an Atascadero Junior High student who died several years ago in a car accident, the result of a young, reckless driver who was speeding. His family presents the award at tonight’s Atascadero Junior High’s Top Dog Awards Ceremony to a student that exemplifies the qualities of Jared: intelligent, athletic and kind. A panel of Teachers and peers select the winner from a select pool of candidates. This year, Courtney is one of the Award Finalists.

It is a special award because it recognizes a student who exemplifies academics, athletics and most importantly – good citizenship. There is a small Scholarship stipend that goes along with the award, but that’s not what makes it special. The Cunningham Family’s support and recognition is what makes it prestigious.

Savannah won the award when she graduated from Eight Grade a few years ago. It meant a lot to the McCarthys back then. It’s great to get recognition from the community that says “Yes, you’re doing a great job. Your child is thriving and all of us honor that.”

I hope Courtney wins tonight. It would mean so much to her and the McCarthys to see her receive the award. Courtney has worked so hard this year. Being considered for the award is a honor in itself. In a way Courtney has already won. I’m so proud of her.