Student of the Week


Throughout the year the Third Grade class at Santa Margarita Elementary School recognizes a Student of the Week. Last week was my Son Douglas’s turn.

One of the things his Teacher has the kids do is to write something about the Student of the Week. Here is what they said about Douglas.

  • “You are my best friend. You are very smart. You are nice, kind and really helpful.” – Boy
  • “You help me. You help other kids. You are my best friend.” – Boy
  • “You’re the second fastest. You love math, science.” – Boy
  • “You’re nice and smart.” – Girl
  • “You’re nice, smart, funny, cool. You’re good at soccer, you run fast.” – Boy
  • “You are smart. You have lots of friends. You are a good friend to every one in the class.” – Girl
  • “You’re funny, kind and helpful.” – Girl
  • “You are nice. You are very funny. You are very intelligent.” – Boy
  • “You’re nice and kind.” – Girl
  • “You’re smart and intelligent.” – Girl
  • “You are a kind friend and you’re funny and fun. You are a good sport too.” – Boy
  • “You’re smart, cool and kind.” – Boy
  • “You’re nice, helpful and awesome.” – Boy
  • “You’re nice, funny and cool.” – Girl
  • “You’re nice. You’re funny. You’re good at sports.” – Boy
  • “You are fun to play with.” – Boy
  • “You are fast. You are nice.” – Boy
  • “You’re smart. You’re intelligent too.” – Girl
  • “You are kind and nice.” – Girl
  • “You are nice to me and the class.” – Boy
  • “You are nice and smart.” – Boy
  • “You’re nice, kind, tall and fast.” – Girl
  • “You are nice to people. You are a good friend.” – Boy
  • “You are nice, cool, funny and smart.”

Remarkable quotes from a class that loves Douglas.