School Concerts


Last night the girls and I went to see Douglas play in his 3rd Grade Recorder Concert. The kids had been working hard at practice and they were excited to be there.

As I was sitting there listening to the beautiful music I thought about the practices these kids made to prepare for this wonderful concert. And all the work my own kids put into this past school year.


  • Fifteen Soccer Practices
  • Twelve Soccer Games
  • Fifteen Little League Practices
  • Twelve Little League Games


  • Fourteen Soccer Practices
  • Twelve Soccer Games
  • Twenty-six Track Practices
  • Five Track Meets
  • Thirty-five Volley Practices
  • Nineteen Volleyball Matches


  • Thirty HS Soccer Practices
  • Fifteen HS Soccer Games
  • Thirty XC Practices
  • Eight XC Meets
  • Fifty-five Track Practices
  • Nine Track Meets
  • Thirty Club Soccer Practices

All three of my kids are leaders on the playing field/court. They play hard and set a good example for everyone. I’m so proud of them. Their Mom would have been too.