Prom Night


Savannah has grown into a beautiful young woman since this picture was taken four years ago. Kids morph right before your eyes. It happens so quick.

Tonight is a special occasion for Savannah. She and her boyfriend are going to the Senior Prom with three other couples. This is a special group of kids. I know most of them. All excellent student athletes.

The girls have their day planned out. Savannah will go to one of her girlfriend’s and spend a few hours getting dressed and ready. Then everyone rendezvous at another house. The Parents will be there, taking pictures and fussing over their kids – handsome boys in their tuxes and pretty girls in their dresses. The happy couples will pile into a Chevy Suburban, enjoy a meal at Chili’s, then go to the Prom.

I’m not going to be there for Savannah this afternoon because Douglas has a Baseball game. It’s a game that was postponed earlier this week. It’s the last game of the regular season and it counts towards our Tournament Seeding. So I will be at the game managing.

I wish I could be there for Savannah. I wish I could help her get ready. I wish I was with the parents when they send our kids off. I wish I could just say how pretty she looks.

I feel guilty for not being there. Savannah understands that I have an important game to play with Douglas and she’s telling me that its OK. Yet it pulls me apart knowing she misses her Mother today. I’m not going to help her with her makeup or comb her hair or manicure her hands. Lord knows I tried. Last week Savannah and Courtney asked to go shopping for prom dresses. I asked if I could take them. The look they gave me was “Dad go shopping for dresses? You gotta be kidding, right?”

I totally get it that I can’t replace Mom on a day like this. But still, it hurts not being there for her. I hope Savannah enjoys a special time with great friends.

I think I’ll just go out this afternoon and win a Baseball Game.