Life is Like a Tripod


Keeping your life in balance between work, family and self is what it’s all about.

Working for others became futile. The early career years of 60-hour workweeks in a cubicle jaded me. Maybe the time I spent with a morally and financially bankrupted company did it. Or when I was laid off for no good reason. The last straw was the recent years toiling in a turnaround while fighting a tyrannical, substance-addled owner.

Losing my wife cut down the family leg. It had already been shrinking over the past few years. Janet’s cancer sure didn’t help things. But there was another darkness growing in our relationship, and it pushed my children away.

Bicycles are my passion. I started riding in my teens. 35 years and hundreds of thousands of miles of bliss. But it wasn’t just bicycles. I dug motorcycles, rock climbing, C2 canoe racing, trail running, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater paddling, fly fishing, blue-water fishing, blues music, classical literature, lectures, the performing arts. I have a huge appetite for living. Janet was jealous of all this. She drove my friends away, then took these away one by one until there was hardly anything left.

You have to keep all three legs equal or else it falls over. I’m determined to do it right this time around.