It’s Complicated


Several years ago while in Junior High, Savannah injured her left knee while playing Club Soccer. The ACL and ICL were nearly torn. It took months of expensive rehabilitation before she could play again. That Spring she wanted to run some events in Track including the High Jump. I was fine with her running but I didn’t think it was a good ideal for her to do the High Jump so soon after a serious injury. I talked to her Track Coach, her Soccer Coach and her Rehab Specialist. They agreed with me that Savannah should play it safe and not run the risk of re-injuring her knee by jumping.

Janet didn’t see it that way at all. She was insisting that Savannah was going to jump despite my protestations. We had our very first heated argument in front of our kids over this. The next day I stopped by the Junior High and talked with the Track Coach and he agreed to not let Savannah jump. Several week later at the first Track Meet I find out that Savannah was jumping that day in the meet. Janet had gone to the Track Coach behind my back, and over-ruled my wishes. This was Janet’s illness manifesting itself through controlling behavior. And Savannah was unfortunately caught up in it.

For the last several weeks Savannah has had trouble waking up early on weekends. More so that the normal teenage girl. Last Sunday we went to the beach, and she sunbathed for the entire day. I’ve never seen her just lay around like that. She’s always playing ball, swimming, body surfing, digging sand, frisbee, exploring tidal pools, whatever. She’s been through a long, hard year with soccer, track, and cross-country. Pretty much non-stop since last August. She’s exhausted.

Monday she asked if she could start up this week with training with the X-Country team. I said no. I told her a week off would do her body good. Give it time to heal and recover. And she could use time to prepare for her finals. Savannah is mighty pissed off at me. She sees me as controlling. Not I’m not. I’m looking out for her best interest. This shouldn’t be this complicated.