Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day remains one of the biggest days for sales of flowers, greeting cards, and the like. It’s become so highly commercialized I consider it a “Hallmark Holiday”.

Mother’s Day is the most personal holiday for me. I used to make little cards and trinkets for Mom. She would be so happy and act so surprised whenever she got my little gift. Back in the ’60s we didn’t have to be told to do it. We did it because we loved our Mom.

Being a Dad on Mother’s Day was confusing. Janet wasn’t my Mom, and I wasn’t the Mother of my children – I’m the Dad. Beyond that, the commercialization crept in. It was reduced to “what are you going to have the kids do for me on Mother’s Day” buildup. Making sure your kids get/do something for their mother felt contrived and controlling.

I like to think there is a way I can help the kids remember their Mother this Sunday without being obtuse. Perhaps I’ll take the kids for a long walk on the beach, and then treat ourselves to some Mexican food. Janet would have liked that.