Growing Up


Douglas thinks I am awesome. I am the strongest, fastest, smartest person in his world. No one could throw harder, run faster or know more about anything than his Dad. I’m Doug’s Superhero.

All parents with grown children understand The Superhero/The Clown/The Tyrant/The Stranger/The Bodyguard cycle of parent idolization. After all, we’ve all gone through it ourselves. We hope that we’re around when our children realize that they grew up to be like ourselves.

Yesterday I had my first “Birds and the Bees” talk with Douglas. It went as well as I expected – awkward, uncomfortable and relatively short. I somehow managed to get some points across to him. What took me aback was Douglas repeatedly saying “I know Dad, I know”. That’s something he never said to me before.

I sensed yesterday that I was no longer this omnipotent life force in his life. I’m morphing into the Clown stage. You know, that point in a child’s life where he thinks he knows everything and parents are idiots.

This is a normal and healthy process of growing up. Still, I sense that an age of innocence is slowly ebbing away as Douglas starts to grow into a young adult. I guess I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.