Good Memories


Yesterday morning Douglas and I were walking to school and saw a group of Parents milling around the front schoolyard. It was the 6th Grade promotion Ceremony being set up.

Graduating from 6th Grade is a milestone for these kids. It’s off to Junior High School and a whole new experience. The girls wore their pretty dresses and the boys, well let’s just say they made an effort to dress in slacks and button shirts instead of the usual shorts & tees. The Parents were buzzing around the kids, taking pictures, hugging their kids and posing with the teachers. You could sense the excitement in the air. A big, exciting time for all.

This past year has been about laying down good memories for my three kids. Children need to feel safe and trusted. And trust others around them. It’s been going well for them. For me it has been getting better each day until this week.

June 12th is coming next week. If it was only that it’d be enough. But there has been a confluence of events in the children’s lives. All of them milestones in their own right. Savannah’s Prom Night several weekends ago. Courtney going to her first school dance tonight. Douglas and his Baseball team gunning for the league championship next week. Courtney as a finalist for the prestigious Student of the Year Award. I feel sad and lonely knowing that their Mom isn’t here to see all of this. Janet would be so proud of her kids.

Children are remarkably resilient. They have a lifetime in front of them. Adults, on the other hand, hold a lifetime of memories. Some of it good and some of it bad. I need to do what I’ve been doing all along. Forget the bad memories of Janet’s manipulation and remember the good times we all had. Yes, there were plenty of good times. And let my kids enjoy the next several weeks as themselves.

Children deserve good memories.