Douglas Topping Hazard Peak

Douglas is an animal. We go for a ride last Saturday at Montana De Oro State Park. We climb for 1:30. The view was great. Douglas railed the three-mile descent. Douglas had a great time. I had a great time. Good memories for the both of us.

Janet never got out on a hike/ride to the top of Hazard Peak. I asked, I tried. The view up on top is world-class. I never understood why Janet didn’t get out there. I wanted to share this with her. She always had some excuse why she couldn’t carve out four hours to do this with me.

She only went on three “real” rides with me in 22 years of marriage. Scratch that. One of those “rides” occurred when we were still dating. That makes it two.

I’ve ridden over a quarter of a million miles. Road. Raced Cat II for six years. Fixed before the Hipsters bastardized it. Mountain. Singlespeed Mt. It’s part of who I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My wife saw things completely different.

I’m blessed that my three kids are smart and athletic. And one of them, Douglas, shows promise as a rider. He may not turn out to be a Roadie, but that’s OK. He’s a good Mt Biker.

I’m happy that I met Alex. She’s an endorphin addict. That’s a good thing.