Dog Days of Summer


Several week ago Savannah left for a week to attend her school’s annual X-Country running camp. It was at Shaver Lake in the Sierras. She had a great experience. We missed her all week. Courtney made a Welcome Home banner for her sister. I was lucky to get a shot of Savannah embracing Courtney.

Savannah has been busy this summer. She’s been doing Soccer and X-Country training nearly every day. Playing Soccer Tournaments. Spending quality time with her boyfriend. I’m totally cool with that, but the reality is that Savannah hasn’t been around much to help out.

She’s growing into a confident young lady. I give her space to grow. She’s sixteen and already has one foot out the door. Every Parent has to go through this. Part of life I guess.

This weekend Savannah is playing in the Santa Barbara Summer Cup. It’s a very competitive Soccer Tournament. We always enjoy the venue. Several weeks ago I asked Courtney about coming along (Santa Barbara is 100 miles South of us). She said she’d rather stay home.

Several days ago Courtney asked if she could go to a friend’s party on Saturday. I reminded her that Savannah and I were going to be in Santa Barbara, and that she should call a friend to get a ride. She said “No Dad, I can’t call someone and tell them to pick me up. That would be rude!” I tell Courtney that any of our friends would be happy to share a ride to the party. She wasn’t hearing any of it. It was my job to get her there.

At the beginning of the Summer Courtney had been granted an invitation to attend a week-long academic camp at Cal Poly. I wanted her to go, to be exposed to different things. She didn’t want to go, she felt I was forcing her to go. Looking back, I should have found a way to get her there. It would have been good.

Douglas. He’s so imaginative, active and curious about the world. There’s always something new to discover, balls to throw, bikes to ride, Nerf gun battle to wage. If he’s not with friends, you can’t expect him to entertain himself for six hours.

There have been too many days this summer spent watching TV. I’ve never been much of a TV watcher myself, but when you are trying to get stuff done you learn to rely on the electronic babysitter. I get stressed out over that.

The McCarthys have been very fortunate to have great friends helping out with my kids. I am grateful for their time. I’d like to tell everyone that we had a great summer. The truth is that I’m happy that school is starting up next week. My kids need the challenge. And I need to get some work done.