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About my daughter Savannah

Redneck Woman


Savannah gave me a few CD’s to rip into her iTunes collection. One of the albums is by country music artist Gretchen Wilson. Some of the songs on it are:

When I Think About Cheatin’, Homewrecker, The Bed, Here For The Party

and the aforementioned…

Redneck Woman

Where did I go wrong?



We had The Today Show on while the kids were getting ready for school this morning. The show was running a story on the GOP primary battle between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. I quipped that Mitt was part of a “cult religion”. Savannah said “No Dad, ALL religions are cults”.

I’m so proud of her!

Thanksgiving Dinner Redux


Thanksgiving last year was a challenging time for the McCarthy Family. Being that it was the first one without Janet was hard enough. Complexing matters was that I had a fractured right hand from a Mt Bike accident. Somehow I managed to stuff the bird, carve it up and cook a delicious six-course meal using only my left hand.

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. I enjoy the preparation and cooking of the bird. Sometimes I would experiment with a different stuffing recipe. It always was delicious, better that any turkey my relatives cooked.

A few years ago Janet suggested we have Thanksgiving with the Arndts next door. I thought it was a great idea, being that it was outdoors and all. I said that I’d do the turkey. Janet said no, the neighbors were doing it. Next year, same thing. And the following year, same thing. I was relegated to not cooking the bird, not cooking anything. I didn’t even get to carve anything. And I let her get away with it.

This year we have Alex with us. Her, Courtney and I have a whole menu of delicious things to cook for tomorrow’s feast. Courtney already started by making rolls today. I’m looking forward to doing the turkey, the cranberries, and the sweet potatoes. They’re helping with the stuffing and gravy, green been casserole, apple pie, pumpkin pie, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, cookies and apple salad.

I’m looking to a fabulous dinner tomorrow with Alex and my three kids. So are Alex, Savannah, Courtney and Douglas. Should be an epic Thanksgiving Feast. Hope yours is too.

What Will My Girls Think?


Today I was waiting in line at the grocery store with my two Daughters. Nestled in between National Enquirer and Cosmopolitan was Women’s Health. I scanned the cover without thinking. Then I read the magazine’s tagline – It’s Good to Be You™

The story callouts look like they came from a handbook on anorexia. Healthy, Sexy Breasts: 9 Easy Steps. 75 Hot Body Moves. Flatten Your Belly. Firm Your Butt. Sculpt Your Legs. Tone Your Arms. Eat, Drink & Still Shrink. More Sex, Better Sex. Is this is a magazine about Women’s Health? Is it about “being yourself”?

I joked about it with Savannah and Courtney while we were waiting in line. The woman behind us overheard us talking. She didn’t say a word. She gave me a nod of approval.

What do you tell your daughters?

All-County XC Meet at Laguna Lake


Savannah ran in her first XC meet since she injured her knee. Her time was nearly two minutes slower than usual. She crossed the finish line with right knee already starting to swell. Savannah was in a bit of pain. She was glad to get thru the run.

Savannah has missed most of the XC meets this season. It’s hard on a young athlete, physically and mentally, to recover from such a severe injury. Some kids never make it back and just quit.

Savannah has maintained her positive outlook throughout her rehabilitation. I’m happy Savannah is back running. She is too.

It’s Your Heart Running Around Outside Your Body


One of my dear friends gave me some advice a while back. “Kids change every day, they come home and have new experiences to share and new stories to tell. They are miniature human beings with a lifetime of living still in front of them”.

So many things about that ring true. I think about them all the time when they are not home. I hope they are seeing the world around them. I hope they experience all the beauty this world contains. I hope they find what they love, be it work or someone else.

But you know what the problem is? The problem with children is that they carry your heart with them.

Soccer, Interrupted


Today Savannah was up in Morgan Hill, CA playing in the Hannah Welker Memorial Tournament. She was ten minutes into today’s first game, advancing the ball down the left sideline. She was just about clear of the other team’s back line when she got tackled on her right side, hard. Both players collapsed. Only the defender got up.

Soccer etiquette calls for parents to stay on the sideline unless called for, even during injury. I was out there before the Referee could whistle play stopped. I instinctively knew Savannah was hurt. She was in a lot of pain. Savannah couldn’t move her right knee. It was locked. We carried her off the field.

I knew right then that I needed to get her to a Doctor. We get Savannah onto a golf cart and got over to the car. Noreen, one of the other player’s Mom, volunteered to come with us to the hospital. Savannah and I are glad she came. Sometimes there us simply no substitute for maternal comfort.

After x-rays and examination, the Doctor said it was a severe ligament sprain. We were happy that it wasn’t a torn ACL.Keep off the knee for a few days, treat it with ice and eat lots of ibuprofen.

I already know that Savannah will be itching to start running in a few days. That’s just her competitive nature. She’s going to have to sit out next week’s XC meet at Santa Margarita lake. It’s her school’s big annual hosted event. I guess we got lucky in that it wasn’t any more serious, but still. It’ll be a big setback for Savannah

I am leaving Savannah with Noreen and driving back home now. Savannah was insistent that she be allowed to watch her team play. I agree with that. It’s one of the bigger tournaments of the year. Her and her team worked hard to prepare for it. She also said it made no sense for me to pay for a room if I couldn’t see her play. She’s in good hand with her extended soccer family. So I’m headed home, alone.

Douglas stayed at his best friend’s house last night. Now he’s at home with Alexandra. Courtney also spent the night at her best friend’s house. She’s already got plans to see a movie tonight, so I probably won’t get to see her tonight.

Sometimes all I want to do is to have my three kids together with me.

Batshit Insane


This morning we had the Today Show on, listening to it as the kids got ready for school. A story came on about Michelle Bachmann’s railing against the HPV vaccine. “I had a mother last night come up to me here in Tampa, Florida, after the debate,” Bachmann said. “She told me that her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter.”

I don’t understand where Bachmann is coming from. Did some 12-year old girl somewhere just spontaneously become retarded or something? How stupid is this woman?

I mentioned to the girls that mandatory vaccinations against communicable diseases is good policy. Savannah shocked me by disagreeing, saying “vaccines should not be forced on people. I should be able to chose”. I countered by saying that we did have a public health problem with many communicable diseases. Mandating vaccinations eliminated Smallpox from the earth, and greatly reduced other diseases. This public policy is for the collective good of all.” Savannah said “Well, it violates the Constitution, and it violates my rights. I should be able to chose”.

I was flummoxed. I didn’t know what to say. My Daughter believes the Vaccine Conspiracy? It has been totally and irrefutably discredited. Communicable diseases like TB, Measles and Whooping Cough are making a comeback only because ignorant parents chose to not have their children vaccinated. How could Savannah, who is by all other measures a very smart person, somehow believe in this nonsense?

I’m paranoid now. Where did she pick this up? Where is she learning this? Who is telling her this? I want to know, and I’d like to tell that person to go pound sand. Just stay away from my kid, you moron.