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What I Really Think


Being a single Dad means finding the time to craft a couple hundred words is sometimes difficult. Since I’ve started this blog, there has been no shortage of material to write about. But lately it hasn’t been the lack of time that has stopped me from writing. It’s something else.

June 12th, 2010. That morning we found Janet unresponsive in the shower and began CPR. It felt like an eternity before the paramedics arrived. They went right to work. I wanted to get my kids out of the house, away from all the commotion. I took them next door to Marianne Orme’s house. On the way back Marianne accosted me shouting “I know you did this, I know you did this!”

The Paramedics told me there was nothing else they could do, I went back over to tell my kids the horrible news. Marianne was with my three kids. I asked her to leave so I could talk to my kids. She said “No.” I asked again and again Marianne said “No, I’m not leaving you alone with the kids.” I asked her a third time to leave the room and she finally relented.

Later that morning Marianne sat down and spoke with the Sheriff’s Detectives for quite a long time. My other two neighbors Monica Butler and Chris Volbrecht also spoke at length to the Detectives. I’m not going to comment here on what they said because that would be hearsay.

One of them calls her friend Karen Velie, who is an editor at The story that Karen posted the next day, and several of the comments posted, contain false statements. These statements have caused great harm to myself and my family. These statements were made without adequate consideration to the truth.

My kids and I spent seven weeks together in Ohio getting back on our feet. While in Ohio Marianne, Monica and Chris went into my house and took Janet’s and the kid’s possessions. They never asked my permission to do such. They never told me beforehand that they were doing such. We came back to our nearly empty home on August 7th.

All the kid’s clothes, toys and possessions were packed in boxes in Monica Butler’s garage. My brother and sister-in-law John and Laurie, who were with us, helped the kids and I move their stuff back into our house and unpack. Marianne, Monica and Chris didn’t offer any help.

I didn’t see any of Janet’s stuff. I asked Monica if there were any boxes that we missed and she said no. I didn’t give it much more thought at the time. I had other things to worry about.

Several days later Marianne and her husband David showed up with Janet’s missing possessions. They had Janet’s stuff stacked in their driveway. They didn’t tell me why they had Janet’s possessions, nor why they waited several more days before returning it.

There was still one item unaccounted for. It was a cedar chest filled with several family photo albums and scrapbooks. All of it priceless and irreplaceable. I didn’t learn it’s whereabouts until last October. That’s when I went in to the Sheriff to get my remaining confiscated items. There was my cedar chest. I learned my neighbor Chris Volbrecht had the chest. She gave it to the Detectives. She never told me about it.

During the summer months we have what’s called Margarita Mondays down at the park. It’s a traditional community pot-luck where 50-75 friends from town get together and socialize. The Kids and I always enjoy going and meeting our friends. Marianne also attends these. Her and I don’t talk to each other. At the end of one Margarita Monday last month, we were the last ones to leave. The Kids and I always ride our bikes to these. Courtney leaves ahead of us and as we’re following her a block behind I see Courtney stopped in front of Marianne’s house, and Marianne talking to her. I get closer and Marianne sees me approaching and immediately disappears into her house.

So what do I really think? I’m getting over it and actually, I’ve become quite indifferent to it all.