Anonymous In-laws


Yesterday someone messaged me anonymously.

“Perhaps if you had some faith in god your life wouldn’t be a ‘jagged mess’.”

I get a few of these “suggestions”. They’re usually a lot more ‘you did that, you’re doing stuff wrong’ than this and I wasn’t going to answer this because I don’t feed trolls. But the more it sat there the more it annoyed me. Because seriously?

My journey from darkness to happiness was a jagged mess for two reasons.

One is because I stayed in an abusive relationship for a long, long time. Recovery from that has taken a lot of time and energy.

But the bigger reason is because of the actions of a few people who have nothing better to do with their time than post defamatory comments on the internet. Several people have taken advantage of our tragedy by anonymously posting libelous comments about me on

I know the identity of all these anonymous posters. None of them have made any attempt to apologize to me or my family. They portray themselves as exemplary Christians. They’re like little Republicans who pontificate against immoral behavior but get caught. They’re hypocrites.