A New Game


Watching Savannah play the last couple of years was depressing. Her High School team was so terrible I often asked myself “does anybody know how to play the game here?” Savannah would consistently send the ball into play and her wings & forwards would watch the ball sail past them. Nobody was pushing up into space. They lost too many goal shots. As it were, the team only won one game last season.

The club team wasn’t much better. Most of the core groups of girls that Savannah played with since her start as a little U-11 had left the team, for one reason or another. The new girls didn’t seem to have the work ethic and the chemistry needed to win. This spring/summer Savannah didn’t even play with the team. She knew the fire wasn’t there anymore, that it wouldn’t work out well.

This Fall Savannah started at Berkeley. They have a Cal Women’s soccer team in addition to their Division 1 squad. This is a highly competitive club traveling team that plays other university teams in CA and AZ. The caliber of play is very high. Better than a Premier Club team. They had two player slots open up and over 75 girls tried out. Savannah was one of the two players to make the cut.

Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to see Savannah play at a tournament in Santa Barbara. When I saw the first minute of play I went “whoa, these girls know how to play!” It was fun again watching, a night-and-day difference from the last team. The whole team played very, very well. Oh, and she started both games that day. She is settling into Berkeley quite well, don’t you think?