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It Was the Mom’s Fault


I just saw some of the photos that were released today in regards to the Newtown Massacre. The photos of the house revealed to me why Adam Lanza murdered 20 innocent children and five innocent teachers. He didn’t live in a home, he lived in a place.

A place where stuff was kept. A place full of material possessions. A treadmill. Boxes of stuff stacked in nearly every room. Computers, multiple game consoles and televisions. Artwork not hung on bare walls. An unopened box of “Sand Art” for kids. Bionic action-figures strewn about. A lone, white Teddy Bear.

Nancy Lanza received hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as part of her divorce settlement. She was planning on selling the mansion they lived in and move to a smaller place. She was planning to buy her troubled 20-year old son another gun.

She was constantly cleaning his clothes because he changed several times a day. She cooked only specific foods he requested and served them only on plates Adam specified. Yet Adam didn’t let her into his room. And only communicated with her by email.

Adam’s relationship with his Dad deteriorated in the fourth quarter of 2010. Adam stopped responding to his father’s mail and e-mails about getting together. Nancy didn’t help Adam and his Dad, nor did she seek out professional help for her very troubled son.

Her buying Adam stuff instead of spending time with him enabled the murder of those 20 poor children. She financed the whole thing. Bought him the gun and the ammo. An arsenal of weapons for a kid. And a crazy kid at that.

We have a materialistic lifestyle perpetuated by a materialistic culture. This only provides us with temporary happiness. Happiness is not based on the senses, but within one’s mind. Think of how your peace of mind helps you be happy, helps your physical health and of all those around you.

Instead of spending money on things, go spend more time with those who you love.

The President has been shot…


Fifty years ago Dallas, Texas was brewing with hatred. The city was a cesspool of militant right-wing activists field by the rabid oilman H. L. Hunt: W. A. Criswell, the leader of the largest Baptist congregation in the South and defrocked General Edwin Walker.

This handbill was circulated on November 21, 1963 in Dallas, one day before the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The hatred expressed is similar to what is happening to our President today.

Fifty years ago JFK was gunned down in cold blood. The dream that a President could be fair to everyone died a little that day. Our nation has never fully recovered from the tragedy. I fear we’re destined to repeat history unless we learn from it.

Does Anyone Need Another Million-Dollar Politician with Money Sticking Out of His Hole?


It was 47 years ago last month that Uncle John was killed in action in Vietnam. His death left a huge hole in the life of this little 7-year old boy who had no father. I only remember everyone crying at the funeral.

My Grandpa fought in some of the fiercest action seen in WWII. His Seabee Squadron was decimated at Guadalcanal by sniper fire. Out of 32 men only 5 made it out. Some say Grandpa was one of the lucky ones. I’m not so sure about that. Part of him died back there in the South Pacific.

My Dad fought in the horror of Chosin Reservoir during Korea, where he was awarded a Silver Star for bravery. I met my dad only twice in my life. He told me about interrogating a POW and torturing him to death. With a Ka-Bar. In the side of his head. Part of him died there.

I think about the veterans coming back from Afghanistan with limbs blown off and having to re-build their lives before it even started. The guys suffering from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD. Thousands of families forever changed by their sacrifice.

On this Veteran’s Day my Facebook feed is filling up with well-meaning platitudes expressing gratitude to the veterans who sacrificed so much. I know people mean well but it seems so hollow.

We were beat in Korea. We lost Vietnam, Irag and now Afghanistan. Why were we fighting there? They didn’t attack us. Maybe Dwight was right. The Military-Industrial complex, the Merchants of War, Big Oil, all wrapped up in political corruption.

On this day where we remember those who gave so much, I ask you – Why do we need this bloated military? It’s bankrupting us financially and morally. We are killing this nation, one family at a time.

A New Game


Watching Savannah play the last couple of years was depressing. Her High School team was so terrible I often asked myself “does anybody know how to play the game here?” Savannah would consistently send the ball into play and her wings & forwards would watch the ball sail past them. Nobody was pushing up into space. They lost too many goal shots. As it were, the team only won one game last season.

The club team wasn’t much better. Most of the core groups of girls that Savannah played with since her start as a little U-11 had left the team, for one reason or another. The new girls didn’t seem to have the work ethic and the chemistry needed to win. This spring/summer Savannah didn’t even play with the team. She knew the fire wasn’t there anymore, that it wouldn’t work out well.

This Fall Savannah started at Berkeley. They have a Cal Women’s soccer team in addition to their Division 1 squad. This is a highly competitive club traveling team that plays other university teams in CA and AZ. The caliber of play is very high. Better than a Premier Club team. They had two player slots open up and over 75 girls tried out. Savannah was one of the two players to make the cut.

Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to see Savannah play at a tournament in Santa Barbara. When I saw the first minute of play I went “whoa, these girls know how to play!” It was fun again watching, a night-and-day difference from the last team. The whole team played very, very well. Oh, and she started both games that day. She is settling into Berkeley quite well, don’t you think?