Monthly Archives: October 2012

Beach Day


Yesterday was the first Beach Day for the McCarthy Family since school started. It was also the first time that all three kids, Alex and I were going to the beach together. I think Alex was looking forward to this more than the kids.

We packed the car with our beach essentials – boogie boards, beach chairs, surfboard, frisbee, footballs, sand toys, wetsuits, shovels and a cooler of food. We arrive at 11am in Morro Strand beach off of 24th street in Cayucos to clear, calm and warm weather.

Courtney and I spent a good part of the day boogie boarding. Douglas and I dug a big hole in the beach. Alex and I threw the frisbee and football a lot, she’s quite good at both. Savannah enjoyed the break from her homework and practice. It was the most fun we have had together in a long, long time.

I Have Had Enough of Anonymous Cowards


Today I was reading a story on the San Luis Obispo Tribune website about the Tour of California maybe coming to SLO next year. Good news I thought. Bike races inject tourist revenue into a town. We could use that here. I love bike racing.

I’m reading the article about the race and there is a post by stoptheinsanity. The post was insulting and derogatory. She is a prolific poster. As of this writing stoptheinsanity has posted 5,023 times! It’s all derogatory and demeaning. She’s narcissistic. Go SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Let’s flash back two years. I got a letter from the “Community Action Partnership”, an auxiliary agency. Someone placed a call as a “concerned citizen” expressing their displeasure with myself acting as a parent to my kids. It prompted an inquiry from Child Welfare Services. They quickly dismiss it and kick it down to CAP. They call me, I tell them to shove it.

Stoptheinsanity and I have a bit of history between us. In a moment of weakness I FED SOME TROLLS. Stoptheinsanity rose to the occasion and posted this about me:

“A word of caution, SLO Kenny. Anyone caught up in the circumstances that you experienced, needs to practice anger management or you’re going to find Child Protective Services on your doorstep.”

Her post was flagged as abusive and taken down by the site moderators. But the fact remains that stoptheinsanity threatened my family in in a public forum. She did it anonymously. She’s a coward.

There is a small group of people that can’t fathom that I would love my children. They are self-centered horrible people who did all things possible to make Janet’s death impossible for me to handle with decency and dignity. I have made peace with the death of my beloved wife. They haven’t.

Stoptheinsanity lives in Paso Robles. That rules out my neighbors Chris Volbrecht and Marianne Orme. Karen Veile supposedly lives in Arroyo Grande. I can’t fathom why someone has this hatred towards the McCarthy family. Who is this person? Contact me if you know about stoptheinsanity.