Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner Redux


Thanksgiving last year was a challenging time for the McCarthy Family. Being that it was the first one without Janet was hard enough. Complexing matters was that I had a fractured right hand from a Mt Bike accident. Somehow I managed to stuff the bird, carve it up and cook a delicious six-course meal using only my left hand.

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. I enjoy the preparation and cooking of the bird. Sometimes I would experiment with a different stuffing recipe. It always was delicious, better that any turkey my relatives cooked.

A few years ago Janet suggested we have Thanksgiving with the Arndts next door. I thought it was a great idea, being that it was outdoors and all. I said that I’d do the turkey. Janet said no, the neighbors were doing it. Next year, same thing. And the following year, same thing. I was relegated to not cooking the bird, not cooking anything. I didn’t even get to carve anything. And I let her get away with it.

This year we have Alex with us. Her, Courtney and I have a whole menu of delicious things to cook for tomorrow’s feast. Courtney already started by making rolls today. I’m looking forward to doing the turkey, the cranberries, and the sweet potatoes. They’re helping with the stuffing and gravy, green been casserole, apple pie, pumpkin pie, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, cookies and apple salad.

I’m looking to a fabulous dinner tomorrow with Alex and my three kids. So are Alex, Savannah, Courtney and Douglas. Should be an epic Thanksgiving Feast. Hope yours is too.

Growth Spurt


Douglas came home yesterday from school feeling a bit bummed. His Nike ACGs started to come apart on him. They were his favorite shoes. Time to go shoe shopping.

We get to the store and find a style we liked. I instinctively grabbed a pair of size 4-½ thinking he moved up a half-size from the 4’s he was wearing. Nope. Way, way too small. We ended up getting a size 5-½.

I asked Doug if his old shoes were hurting his feet. He said “a little”. He’s grown almost two sizes in half a year. Douglas is growing up fast.

What Will My Girls Think?


Today I was waiting in line at the grocery store with my two Daughters. Nestled in between National Enquirer and Cosmopolitan was Women’s Health. I scanned the cover without thinking. Then I read the magazine’s tagline – It’s Good to Be You™

The story callouts look like they came from a handbook on anorexia. Healthy, Sexy Breasts: 9 Easy Steps. 75 Hot Body Moves. Flatten Your Belly. Firm Your Butt. Sculpt Your Legs. Tone Your Arms. Eat, Drink & Still Shrink. More Sex, Better Sex. Is this is a magazine about Women’s Health? Is it about “being yourself”?

I joked about it with Savannah and Courtney while we were waiting in line. The woman behind us overheard us talking. She didn’t say a word. She gave me a nod of approval.

What do you tell your daughters?